WTC September 11, 2001, Saving Lives

Dear friends:

I am sad because of the destruction of human efforts and of many innocent lives.

Things took years and immeasurable effort of many architects and engineers and so much hard labor and sweat of construction workers to build, and the terrorist destroyed two landmark buildings into dust and killed many innocent lives in just minutes. The world is covered with shadow about this war. I wonder if all can learn to forgive and forget? When can the hurt countries have peace? And how can each individual have peace within?

Those who bear destructive thoughts, those immersed in dead thoughts, are already dead. Even though their bodies are not dead, they are dead. In their sleep they sleep with dead thoughts, in their food they consume with dead. Whatever they do they do in the dead, because dead thoughts occupy their heart.

We don’t want to bear in our minds the idea to eliminate anyone, because that thought is negative and it will backfire. Also we should not bear hate in our hearts, Hate energy is dangerous and it will at first hand hurt its creator. When we hate, certainly our hearts store weapons and those invisible weapons will destroy us. (Cause & effect)

To kill a human being is against the basic principals of our ancestors and all people. Hurting someone is the easiest thing that one can do. Saving lives is not easy and not everyone can do it. We must remember it is very difficult to have a human life.

For uncountable years our ancestors had realized that life is precious and they have always been looking for medicines and ways to save human lives. We repeatedly strive to study for improving longer life or finding ways to achieve immortality, and many were born to be doctors, nurses, and heroes… to save lives in this world. They saved not only the perfect person but they also diligently saved the imperfect, the defective human beings. Because they have hope for that imperfect human being to be perfect in someway or someday…

Just think about it for a minute.

War is deadly cost for human being. It will take lives and will take away arms, legs of many people. The cost that we normally can estimate is the materials, the unfeeling things are those we can assign monetary value or translate as money. We sure can print and reprint money as much as we want. However, the value of a human life is impossible to estimate and, furthermore, we cannot refabricate a human life.

If someone loses a hand or a leg etc. they will never be the same as they were before losing it. Nothing in this world can replace a real and complete life and no one can refabricate people. Even though, we can fabricate artificial arms, legs etc. But that is not the same nor is it the same person.

We must try every possible way to protect and save human being lives and yet, if possible try to protect all beings from destruction.

When you bear peace thoughts, you will eat and sleep with peace thoughts. I wish you and everyone will generate love for peace for self, parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, friends, and everyone in the world.

Lani Hunter
Founder and Chief Executive Operations Officer
I’m For World Peace Foundation
Focus on development and training inner peace toward humanitarian works.

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