Picnic August 18, 2019

Picnic August 18, 2019

Xin mời quí vị ghi danh ngày Sinh Hoạt ngoài trời

Email to: imlangim@gmail.com  for registration

Annual Outdoor practice.


1.  Food and games

2.  Talks by monastic and

3.  The gifts Peace Temple to honor our 2 students who graduated and will enter the prestigious Schools,

The University of California are Sunarga, Andrew Le to UC Irvine, the son of Đồng Thinh -Không and Ruppaananda Hiền Diệu

and Rahuraj Harrison Nguyen to UC Davis, the son of Đồng Thiện Tánh and Liên Nguyễn.  Graduation’s cake.

4.  Singing along… Everyone please prep your favorite song to sing…

5.  End peacefully.

FYI Sakula:

(Đồng Bodhi (Dr. John Clay) will offer 30 corns to BBQ. Horay! )

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