Program schedule on every other Sunday

Program schedule:

10:30AM:  Prepare tea meditation treat

11:00AM:  Prepare tables for lunch (napkins and utensils)

11:20AM: Puja rice offering to Buddha

11:45AM: Remove rice and eat lunch

12:45PM: Clean up and prepare sits cushions and treats for tea meditation, brew tea (by Alex)

1:00PM: Vietnamese class

2:00PM: Music class by teacher Nigrodha Dong Thinh Khong

2:30 PM: Break

3:00PM: Meditation Music by teacher Nigrodha Dong Thinh Khong

3:30PM: Teaching Dharma by Mr. John Clay
3:40PM: Questions children on the teaching by Mr. John Clay

3:45PM: Read metta suta in English by Sona and Vietnamese by Anthony or Sundari

3:55PM: Music three refuges and five precepts by teacher Dong Thinh khong

4:00PM: Everyone qui xuong (kneel down) reciting three refuges (Tam Quy va Ngu Gioi) and five precepts by Mallika. Make 3 prostrations ( be seated and strait your back quietly attentively).

4:05PM: Begin Tea Meditation, Sona and Anthony demo walking meditation
4:45PM: singing as the offering to the Buddha by Teacher Dong Thinh Khong and everyone
recite the Drinking Tea Gatta English and Vietnamese

Sona show participants how to ask for more treats or tea gestures

5:15PM: sing more Zen songs by Teacher Dong Thinh Khong and everyone
5:45PM: Hoi huong cong duc… by all Directors and members, 3 bows.

6:00PM: dinner 

Alex Ho brews hot tea leader

Sundari and Valerie prepare to treat candies

Sarah Nhung, meditation class coordinator

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Meditation on every other Friday nights begin at 7:30 pm

Meditation: 7:30 Sharp till 8:30PM
Discussion: 8:30 till 8:45PM
Go home: 8:45PM 
Bring your cushion if you have one.

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