January 9, 2013



I am delighted to announce and introduce to you the newly elected Board of Directors Operations Team of the I’m for World Peace Foundation (Peace Temple):


Susaradaya Khai Tan Pham (Đồng Hiếu Thành), Announcer and Fundraising Prep Leader

Singalapitan Kevin Nguyen (Đồng Chánh Mẫn), FaceBook – Paypal and Youth Meditation Classes Manager

Nigrodha Le Minh Luan (Đồng Thinh-Không), Temple’s Music Teacher and Webpage/Media function Manager

Mallika Angel Ho (Đồng Diệu Liên Hương), Tea Meditation and Vietnamese Language Classes Coordinator


Please wish them good luck and success in doing charity volunteer work for the Temple.


Venerable Sakya Thichnu Hanhtrì, President and CEO

I’m for World Peace Foundation-Peace Temple

PO Box 2018, Fremont CA 94536

Tel: 510-790-2003

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