Short report from Summer Trips 2014

Dear Buddhists; friends; relatives; charity hearts
and good student members.
May you have a blessed day.
Bedsides received the Social Excellent Award in India. the
I am for World Peace accomplished tasks for you. And…
Your generous donation that donated to
I am for World Peace Foundation is heart fell appreciative.
The Foundation distributed money to:
22 Buddhist temples bunt by Muslim extremists in Bangladesh,
3 Buddhist temple in India;
1 School in India (Darjeeling)
1 battered women Center, India
1 poor Indian family lost members & house to the flood.
Printed 5000 copies of Parita sutta in Pali and English (roman letters)
and distributed books widely in Assam; Bangladesh and India
(FYI in year 2004 we printed 1000 in Pali language.
Then 2006 we printed 2000 copies in Pali language distributed widely.)
3 Tibetan monasteries: money; goods and 30 scholarships.
1 Buddhist vipassana meditation center
(this center provides free meditation retreats to
many thousand children in Nepal.)
500 monks received our offering at the “trường hạ” in Vietnam.
Worked with Saint Paul Catholic sisters in Pleiku/Kontum.
Donated to lepers colony of six leper camps in Vietnam
(border of Cambodia)
Each leper family received:
10kg rice;
1 carton (32 packages) dried noodle soup;
1kg dried fish;
1 litter cooking oil;
1/2 litter fish sauce;
1/2 litter soy cause;
1/2 kg sugar;
1/2kg soap;
1/4kg seasoning powder;
1 pumpkin
For people who have such a hectic life, we did for you:
2450 pound big living fish set freed with complete
ritual ceremony by the blessing by the most
high venerable Thich Phuoc Duc at Dong Thap VN.
good deed you have done
and it will be with you like
your old shadow. (Buddha voice)
Thank you, and how good you are.
We are so lucky to have you as supporter.
Su co Thich Nu Hanh Tri


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