The Vinh Thanh school has built and operated

I express my heartfelt appreciation to hundreds of supporters who helped to change this Vinh Thanh Elementary School from a dream to reality.

I would like to credit to:
Mr. Phung Tich, Director and Mrs. Dam Bich Lien, Director and all members of I’m for World Peace Foundation, Branch in Germany. 
Family of Mrs. Tang Hong Suong, Hamburg, Germany 
Lien Hoa – Hue Nguyen, Editor, San Jose, CA
All Organizers for raising funds; 
All other donors from USA, France, Switzerland, Finland and Danmark.

Contractors and workers at Giong Rieng,
Villagers, parents, Giong Rieng, 
School teachers and school students, Vinh Thanh, Giong Rieng.

Projects: Land; School; Library; Baths and wash rooms; Fresh water well and pump; Bricks walls and fans around the school; patios; landscaping; tables and chairs, writing boards, books, pens and pencils and other school supplies. Shoes, and goodies.

I believe together, we will make this planet a better, cleaner, more educated and safer place for our future generations and all sentient beings to live in harmony.

Thich Nu Hanh Tri, Ph. D.

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