Ban Thach Elementary School opens daily for 100 students

Dear Donors: February 2006

You with golden hearts and compassionate love, you who helped poor youngsters in remote areas of Viet Nam, how can I thank all of you enough? We know our country is undeveloped, our people don’t even make enough food to eat, and our children are barely educated. Your generosity made it possible for us to build schools and bridges for our future generations.

I would like to thank:

All donors
Mrs. Dam Bich Lien, Directors of I’m for World Peace Foundation-Chapter in Germany
All Members of the Chapter in Germany
All Coordinators and all donors from the US 
Donors from France, Sweden and Switzerland, Finland and Denmark

Special credit to:

Mr. Thu v. Nguyen, Mani Furniture, Anaheim, CA 
Mr. Billy Tran, Mani Furniture
Mr. Mrs. Hung & Mai Nguy, Lynn Nguy, and Kim Dang, SJ, CA
Nathalie Kim Nguyen, San Marcos, CA. 
Msr. Lien Hoa-Hue Nguyen, editor of fundraising letters
Family and friends and Thay Thich Tam Dinh
Dieu Huong, Oklahoma
Giang, Oklahoma
Bickieu Pham, Oakland
Dieu Hue, SF coordinator
Mr. Tran V Hao Hung, Southeast Asia Accountant and field inspector


Land and permits; school building; library; gate; playground; bricks walls with fence around school; water well; bath and wash rooms

By the merit of this work, may I wish all of you to be blessed, fulfilled, and happy, and to have a peaceful life. I believe working together to serve humanity will enable this world to offer a possible place for all beings to live in harmony and peace.

Thich Nu Hanh Tri, Founder

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